-Please, hear me! The koopa invasion is coming now!-

-Luigi likes me because is easy to scare, I want he like a boyfriend.

Princess Boolissa, in Luigi's mansion 3.

Princess Boolissa is the princess of the ghosts, she lives in Luigi's Mansion, her appearance is like a young princess, but she is 900 years old, she is king Boo's stepdaughter.

Princess Boolissa

Princess Boolissa and her inhabitants.


She drank the water of the eternal youth when she was living, and she dead with

20 years old, her spirit or ghost has  began living in Luigi's Mansion, and her name (Melissa) passed to be Boolissa and she live actually with Boos and King Boo, and she hate king Boo. She actually is 900 years old.


She is empathetic, she understands boos very well.


She is an attractive female ghost, she has a white skin and oval face, with very light and blue eyes, her hair is white and long, and pink in the bottom part.


A long frightful dark purple colour dress, with a blue  moon gemstone. Her tiara is a silver tiara, very simple.


Emblem Her emblem is the blue crescent, here is:


Princess Boolissa's emblem