The Plot: Mario spots a roller coaster when A Noki Director said: "Our new ride is a roller coaster called the Bungee Ball!" Mario accepts it. He tries to ride with Luigi, But Luigi hates going upside down. Mario goes by itself. He looks up when he was in line: Words in dialogue: "I knew Luigi would like this. I saw a Green shelled Noki and a Blue male shelled Noki. 'He's in LOVEEEEEEEE... He's in LOVEEEEE!' A Red shelled Noki sung at the Noki Director. They launched up in the ball. The Nokis Screamed during the ride." Mario tries to go, But it was a LONGGGG line. Mario goes to the Roller coaster called "WACKY JINX JOYRIDER." but the Red Noki blocked him. "A Random Mii had a accident here. It will be reopened 7 days later. PART OF YOUR... Worldddddddddddddd!" Mario crowned the red Noki President Noki.