Nintendo & Sega All-Stars is a kart-racing game exclusive to the Wii U and Wii. It is the ninth Mario Kart game in the series (twelfth overall if one includes the arcade games) and first of Nintendo & Sega. It was released on April 30, 2017, in Japan, August 31, 2017, in North America and Europe, and December 31, 2017, in Australia. Features like anti-gravity, gliding, underwater and bikes return while Team Dash (reference to Double Dash) and Extreme Mode are introduced.


100 characters are playable in this game (including Mii, the 100th) making this the most amount of playable characters a Nintendo & Sega game has ever had. Characters like Neil, Ella and Sprixie Princesses are introduced. 


Super Mario Yoshi Donkey Kong The Legend of Zelda Metroid Kirby Star Fox Pokemon Ice Climber Sonic the Hedgehog
Mario Yoshi Donkey Kong Link Samus Aran Kirby Fox McCloud Pikachu Nana Sonic
Peach Zelda Popo Shadow
Bowser Sheik


Super Mario Donkey Kong WarioWare The Legend of Zelda Metroid Kid Icarus R.O.B. Kirby Pikmin Star Fox F-Zero Pokemon Fire Emblem Earthbound Game & Watch Metal Gear Sonic the Hedgehog
Luigi Diddy Kong Wario Ganondorf Zero Suit Samus Pit R.O.B. Meta Knight Olimar Falco Lombardi Captain Falcon Pokemon Trainer Marth Ness Mr. Game & Watch Solid Snake Blaze the Cat
Dr. Mario Dixie Kong Toon Link Dark Pit King Dedede Wolf O' Donnell Blood Falcon Lucario Ike Lucas Miles "Tails" Prower
Rosalina & Luma Cranky Kong Young Link Palutena Bandana Waddle Dee Krystal Jigglypuff Roy Knuckles the Echidna
Neil, Ella and Sprixie Princesses Funky Kong & Tiny Kong Young Zelda, Young Sheik and Tetra Magnus Magolor Andross Mewtwo Chrom Amy Rose


Mushroom Flower Star Special
Mushroom Kingdom Mario Circuit Rainbow Cruise Rainbow Road
Yoshi Island Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Story Yoshi Valley
Congo Jungle Rumble Falls Jungle Japes DK Jungle
Hyrule Castle Bridge of Eldin Great Bay Skyloft
Planet Zebes Norfair Brinstar Pyrosphere
Dream Land Halbred Green Greens Halcandra
Sector Z Lylat Zone Venom Lylat Venom Z
Saffron City Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon Stadium Prism Tower
Icicle Summit Summit Icicle Mountain Summit Mountain
Green Hill Sky Sanctuary Crisis City Planet Wisp

Team Chemistry for Team DashEdit


  • Toad
  • Daisy
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Birdo
  • Peach
  • Bowser
  • Wario
  • Ganondorf