Mario Kart Battles Has So Many Pyototypes and so many don't know it. I'm showing you It. Super Mario Kart Clone


Beta 1 added no "black squares" on rainbow road with Mario Luigi Peach playable.

Beta 2 added Flower Cup

Beta 3 added Star Cup

Beta 4 added Special Cup with Al is simply AI but does not follow the AI.

Beta 5 Mario Circuit 4's Replacement: Bowser Castle 4. Instead. with Koopa Troopa

Beta 6 added Dicclulty (50cc Easy, 100cc Normal, 150cc Hard.)

Beta 7 Pattletes Changed. with Bowser also AI is now simply AI but does follow the AI.

Beta 8 Rainbow Road is Now Colorable and Toad, Yoshi in-game!

Beta 9 Easier CPU/AI with DK.




Princess Peach

Koopa Troopa






Mushroom Cup Mario Circuit 1 Vanlia Lake 1 Ghost Valley 1 Donut Plains 1 Bowser Castle 1

Flower Cup Choco Island 1 Ghost Valley 2 Donut Plains 2 Mario Circuit 2 Bowser Castle 2

Star Cup Koopa Beach 1 Ghost Valley 3 Choco Island 2 Vanlia Lake 2 Bowser Castle 3

Special Cup Vanlia Lake 3 Donut Plains 3 Koopa Beach 2 Bowser Castle 4 Rainbow Road(Unlockable at 50cc + 100cc all cups)