Starting Characters Edit



Princess Peach

Princess Daisy


Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong


Bowser Jr.




Koopa Troopa

Baby Mario

Baby Peach

Shy Guy

King Boo

Unlockable Characters Edit


Dixie Kong

Funky Kong




Baby Luigi

Baby Daisy



Petey Piranha

Gameplay Edit

Balloon Battle is one of the 7 modes, The goal is to hit the most CPU players with items.

Coin Runners is two of the 7 modes, The goal is to get the most coins.

Renegade Roundup is three of the 7 modes, The goal is to catch all the renegades and the

last one standing wins.

Shine Thief is four of the 7 modes, The goal is to steal the shine for the whole course.

Bob-omb Blast is five of the 7 modes, The goal is to get the most points by throwing bob-ombs.

Shine Runners is six of the 7 modes,The goal is to collect th most shine.

Moon Madness is the final mode, The goal is to throw red shells to contain the moon.

Courses Edit

Mushroom Cup

  • Bob-omb Stadium
  • Koopa Sauna (Koopa Spa)
  • Luigi Circuit
  • DK Labyrinth (DK Lido)

Flower Cup

  • Mushroom Turnpike
  • Mario Circuit
  • Daisy's Fragrance Circuit (Daisy's Fragrance Plaza)
  • Lava Land

Star Cup

  • Bob-omb Factory
  • Sherbet Highway
  • Wiggler Cove
  • Roundup Cave

Special Cup

  • Advance Circuit
  • Tiki Temple
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

  • GBA Ribbon Road
  • U Super Bell Subway
  • DS Airship Fortress
  • GCN Yoshi Circuit

Banana Cup

  • 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • GBA Cheese Land
  • GCN Baby Park
  • Wii DK Summit

Leaf Cup

  • SNES Koopa Beach 1
  • DS Cheep Cheep Beach
  • U Ice Ice Outpost
  • SNES Rainbow Road

Lightning Cup

  • GBA Lakeside Park
  • Wii Coconut Mall
  • GCN DK Mountain
  • U Excitebike Arena